07.Feb.2019CCB with Communion 3

Hello everyone!

CCB gig with Jacob Sacks & Eivind Opsvik is happening in less than a month. We\'ll be presenting the debut record of the trio \"Movements in Freedom\" (Clean Feed), as well as some new music.
Tickets available (see link below)

22.Jun.2018"My Share Your Beat"

Check out the new Share Your Beat episode..
This time, it was my turn so share "my beat".
Hope you enjoy!

22.Jan.2018New Record out now on Clean Feed Records

Check it out!

11.Mar.2017Sneak peak vídeo

Hi Everyone!

I've just uploaded a sneak peak from the trio recording last week with the greats Jacob Sacks on piano and Eivind Opsvik on bass.
The record will come out sometime soon this year, stay tuned!

01.Mar.2017New EEL SLAP! vídeos live at SMUP

I've just uploaded some vídeos from the latest EEL SLAP! gig at SMUP..
It's really fun gig, check it out!

21.Feb.2017Debut EEL SLAP! EP is out now!

EEL SLAP! is an improvisation duo with my buddy Pedro Branco, it's always an amazing experience every time we play. Please check out our debut EP on Flea Boy Records.

30.Dec.2016THIS IS EEL SLAP!

More vídeos coming soon!

04.Oct.2016New record coming out soon!

I'm very excited about this new recording I did with my buddy and amazing musician Pedro Branco. It's all free improvised and it came out great! It went all different places, from rock to metal, electronic, ambient and whatever...
Hopefully I'll have some news about the release date soon!

25.Jul.2016Busy summer coming up!

It's has been a busy year and it will be an even busier summer, playing with many different projects, I'm very excited about it!
After one week rehearsing on the new record with Tiago Bettencourt (recording in September), I'm playing next Wednesday at the Lisbon Jazz Sessions at Bicaense with No Project Trio, Thursday and Friday with Tiago Bettencourt at Casino do Estoril and Setúbal, and on Saturday at Clube da Praia Maçãs with my buddy Pedro Branco.
Next week, on the 2nd of August I'll be recording with João Hasselberg and Pedro Branco. Looking forward for all these adventures!

04.Feb.2016No Project Trio on Bandcamp

Hi everyone!

You can now listen and buy the new No Project Trio record on Bandcamp.

25.Nov.2015No Project Trio CD release gigs

This next thursday and Friday at the Hot Club in Lisbon it will be the new record release gigs with No Project Trio. The new cd entitled "Vol. II" is out on FMR Records.
On Satturday I will fly to São Miguel in Azores to play with the great singing song writer Tiago Bettencourt. It will be an exciting weekend, looking forward!

14.Oct.2015Nice review on Bird is the Worm

Nice words on Bird is the Worm about my latest record, "What is this All About?"

28.Sep.2015New home video!

A home video, having fun with some electronics, and of course my Catdrums and Zildjian cymbals..Check it out!

28.Sep.2015New review on "What is this all about?"

Nice review on Italian webmagazine Jaz Convetion

26.Sep.2015Zildjian video (English version)

Here\'s a video I did recently showing the cymbals I\'ve been using in many different projects.
I\'m very proud to make part of the Zildjian family!

10.Sep.2015New No Project Trio record coming out soon!

I'm very happy to announce that the new No Project Trio record coming out in October on FMR Records.
You can listen to couple tracks on the listen section

02.Sep.2015Zildjian Endorser

I'm very proud for being a new member of the Zildjian Family!
Check out the video I did recently to find out more about the setups I'm using in all different musical contexts..


Hi everyone!
It has been a while...I hope you had a wonderful summer!
You can now listen and/or buy my latest record \"What is this all about?\" on Bandcamp..just click the link below..!

17.Nov.2014New record out today!

Hey everyone!
I'm pleased to announce that that my new record "What is this all about?" is out on Auand Records today...
Take a listen and buy it if you like it on my bandcamp page or at http://www.jazzos.com/products0.php?artist=518130

29.Oct.2013New No Project Trio Video

Video from our last gig in Porto, at Porta Jazz, check it out!

05.Feb.2013New Facebook Page

I have now a FB page, I will be announcing my activity,uploading fotos and videos, etc... please take a look and click like, if you like...

15.Oct.2012New JL Communion record

I'm finishing all the arrangements of my new tunes that will be recorded on the 30th of Nov. @ Systems Two, NY, with David Binney (as), Phil Grenadier (t), Jacob Sacks (p),
Andre Matos (g) and Thomas Morgan (b). Looking forward, it's always a huge adventure to play with these amazing musicians, can't wait!!

01.Apr.2012Concertos Hot Clube

Nos próximos dias 5, 6 e 7 de Abril toco no Hot Clube (Praça da Alegria) com o meu grupo, João Moreira (t) André Fernandes (g), Óscar Graça (p) e Nelson Cascais (cb).
Vamos estrear vários temas novos que tenho escrito nos últimos tempos, apareçam!

08.Feb.2012Lançamento do novo disco dos No Project

Lançamento do disco de estreia dos No Project.

Dia 10 de Fev- Recreios da Amadora às 21:30

Dia 11 de Fev-Hot Clube às 23:00


João Plaulo Esteves da Silva- Piano
Nelson Cascais- Contrabaixo

06.Dec.2011New No Project Video

Another video from NO PROJECT live, check it out!

18.Nov.2011Preminger/Lackner/Kamaguchi/Lencastre Video

Video from the Spain/Portugal tour with my buddies Noah Preminger (sax) Benny Lackner (piano) Masa Kamaguchi (bass) and myself on drums.

16.Oct.2011Back in town!

Just got back from a great tour with my dear friends Noah Preminger, Benny Lackner and Masa Kamaguchi.
It's nice to be back although I'm gonna miss playing another gig tonight...

06.Sep.2011Another new Video with David Binney, André Fernanfes, Oscar Graça and Mario Franco

25.Aug.2011New Video with David Binney, André Fernanfes, Oscar Graça and Mario Franco

09.Aug.2011Video with David Binney

Andre Fernandes, Mario Franco, JL + David Binney

28.Jul.2011New review on Sound it Out

28.Jul.2011Another No Project Video

12.Jul.2011Modern Drummer Blog

Just came out on MD blog, please take a look!

05.Jul.2011New No Project Video

No Project video from a gig last summer, please check it out.

14.Jun.2011Thomas Morgan Solo on What a Sunday...

Beautiful excerpt from a Thomas Morgan solo on my tune "What a sunday..."

27.Apr.2011Cadence Magazine review on Sound it Out

Drummer Lencastre has put together a very lively band, for a set of music that’s harmonically sophisticated, filled with warm interactions, the right dose of intensity, and good listening throughout. There’s a real range of material, from an opener by Coldplay, through tunes by Daniel Lanois, Ornette, Zawinul, and several originals. Though the slight repetitions that open the disc boded ill to my ears, they transformed a fairly anonymous tune into something exciting, courtesy of tasteful keys, nice spacey guitar, urgent drumming from the leader, and a terrific Binney solo. The cinematic Lanois tune follows, with just the right delay from the guitar and tasty work from Grenadier (who isn’t heard often enough these days). After that spaciousness (they also do a fine job at coaxing the nuance and color from Zawinul’s brooding “Early Minor"), the infectious “Happy House" is all pulse and lightness, Grenadier and Van Gelder making for a compelling front line. The piece breaks down into a Free section for two horns, bass, and drums, and both Morgan and Lencastre sound terrific, nimbly navigating the uptick in tempo for the swinging Sacks solo (the pianist is also dazzling on “What a Sunday," racing in dialogue with the leader). The latter portion of the album is an especially effective cycle of tunes, from the dark funk of the title track (with impressive work from Matos and again from Sacks), the abstract Grenadier feature “The Glass Effect," and the thrumming, harmonically rich “O Aperto."
Jason Bivins

Lencastre, d; Jacob Sacks, p, kybd; Thomas Morgan, b; Phil Grenadier, tpt*; Andre Matos, g#; David Binney, as^; Ben Van Gelder, as+. October 9, 2009, Brooklyn, NY.
Billy Brimfield by Jimmie Jones

25.Apr.2011New No Project Tracks

I've just uploaded 2 new tracks from NO PROJECT, a free improvising group that I co-lead with João Paulo Esteves da Silva (piano) and Nelson Cascais (bass). The concept of this group is just to start playing and let it flow, not a single word about the music is ever talked before we play.
I hope you enjoy!

30.Mar.2011NO PROJECT na Festa do Jazz "Teatro São Luiz"

Toco no próximo sábado, dia 2 de Abril na "Festa do Jazz" no teatro São Luiz em Lisboa com NO PROJECT, João Paulo Esteves da Silva (piano) Nelson Cascais (contrabaixo) JL (bateria) O concerto é às 8:00 pm no palco principal. O fim de semana vai estar todo cheio de bons concertos, apareçam!!

17.Mar.2011Jazz Times Interview

Here's an interview I did for Jazz Times web site if you want to check it out.

13.Mar.2011Sound it out review

Short but cool review on my last record Sound it Out on midwest record blog

JOAO LENCASTRE/Sound It Out: If you like improvising jazzbos that play Coldplay, this is the next stop on your itinerary. Solid cats that know their stuff, they choose to play outside the lines and know how to get close to the edge without falling over it. Certainly a set tailored to progressive ears, the left leaning will understand from the git go.

Volume 34/Number 124
March 5, 2011
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2011 Midwest Record

07.Mar.2011Crítica Atual

Boa crítica do meu último disco Sound it Out por Raul Vaz Bernardo na Atual (suplemento do Expresso) de Sáb passado.

18.Feb.2011Sound it Out voted best record of 2010

Olá a todos!

O meu último disco Sound it Out foi votado o melhor de 2010 no site Jazz 6/4, Obrigado! É bom ver o trabalho compensado...

Hello Everybody!

I'm happy to announce that my last record Sound it Out, was voted the best of 2010 on Jazz 6/4 website. Thanks a lot for all the support, It's great to see your work rewarded...

09.Feb.2011Concertos em Lisboa esta semana

Toco hoje no Bicaense em duo com o André Fernandes, e amanhã no Onda Jazz com João Moreira, Óscar Graça e Nelson Cascais, vamos tocar temas dos músicos ou grupos da História do jazz que mais me influenciaram, APAREÇAM!!!

06.Jan.2011Happy new year

Happy 2011 everyone!

23.Dec.2010Crítica Jazz.Pt

Boa crítica de Sound it Out na última Jazz.Pt, escrita por Rui Duarte. Aproveito já agora para desejar a todos um Bom Natal!

17.Nov.2010Sound It Out available online for download

Hey Everyone!
My new record is now available at amazon.com cdbaby.com and itunes store for download.
If you're interested click on "buy cd" section.
Support the arts!
Many thanks,

27.Oct.2010NO PROJECT no Seixal Jazz

Toco esta quinta feira dia 28 com o João Paulo Esteves da Silva (piano) e Nelson Cascais (contrabaixo). Este cooncerto está inserido no Seixal Jazz, e neste mesmo dia podem ainda ver o Quinteto do Dave Holland. Apareçam!!

15.Oct.2010Crítica Y

Hoje no Publico, no suplemento Y, crítica do Sound it Out, está uma boa crítica, a foto é que podia estar bem melhor...:)!

25.Sep.2010Concertos este Fim de semana

Toco hoje às 18:00 com o grupo do Nelson Cascais em Alcobaça no Armazém das Artes. Alguém para esses lados??
Amanhã com TB & Mantha no encerramento do Out Jazz, no jardim da tapada das necessidades às 17:00. Passem lá para curtir um belo fim de tarde!

03.Aug.2010Próximos concertos

Próxima quarta toco com o André Fernandes em duo na praia das Maçãs, no "CP", Maças Clube. Vai ser uma viagem, apareçam!
Quinta toco com Tiago Bettencourt & Mantha na Figueira da Foz e no domingo no Sudueste,promete...!

02.Jul.2010Sound It Out @ CD Baby

Hey Everyone!

My new record Sound it Out is now available for download @ CD BABY. Please check it out!

21.Jun.2010Apresentação do Novo Disco

Próxima quarta dia 23 toco no Bicaese, vai ser a apresentação do meu novo disco Sound it Out, apareçam!

07.Jun.2010Entrevista Jazz XXI

Para quem quiser checkar, entrevista com o Paulo Barbosa para o site Jazz XXI.

02.Jun.2010New Record out!

My new record called Sound it Out featuring Jacob Sack, Thomas Morgan, David Binney, Phil Grenadier, André Matos and Ben Van Gelder is now out. You can get it online very soon on www.toapmusic.com or in some local records stores or just talk with me after gigs, etc...Hope you enjoy!

25.May.2010New music, photos, gigs, etc...

I've uploaded some tracks from my new record, coming out for TOAP in couple weeks, also some photos, gigs...I hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave any comment or opinion.

22.May.2010Hi Everyone!

This site is still under construction, but very soon I'll upload some music, fotos, gigs, etc...